2060 Tops.

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[to the tune of ice ice baby] #alright stop #collaborate and listen #benjis back with a brand new claymation #something grabs ahold of me tightly #slayin like a jedi daily and nightly #will it ever stop yo i dont know #turn off the lights and ill glow #to the extreme i rock a chat room like a vandal #light up a con and wax a chump like a candle #math #go rush a speaker that booms #im killin in your brain like a calculus classroom #deadly #when i solve a dope matrice #anything less than the best is a felony #love it or leave it you better gain way #you better slash budgets #the kid don’t play #if there was a problem yo ill solve it #checkout dr buttons while dj revolves it


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candids of Aubrey playing basketball with her team The Pistol Shrimps

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There Will Be No More Banana Grabbing by demosthynes

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Girl: uhhhhhh I’ll take a coke
Server: alright and for you sir?
Me: nothin this hoe knew she was posed to get water w/ lemon nevermind tho we finna go thank you

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